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xman: Yur on yur own tonite Reaper, me and G/F gonna leave town after lunch for a trip, just drop my name at the dumpster bin and they will let you in. 2021 Jun 11 13:22:23

xman: Beachfront was hoppin yesterday, all the bars are open and the girls are scantily clad ! 2021 Jun 06 09:44:08

xman: Awesome ! 2021 Jun 06 09:42:13

Reaper: Rest up xman, our little buddy challenged me to do a drive by at his home down that way, so as soon as I can find a van sized RV I'll be stopping in there to hit the downtown bars wit ya! 2021 Jun 04 22:38:03

xman: and I git my beads at Mardi Grai thank you anyway ... 2021 Jun 04 07:51:16

xman: As long as the blankets are not dosed with smallpox .... 2021 Jun 04 07:50:39

xman: Reap, my knee is still the size of a grapefruit and the other parts are still hurtin, gotta pass on downtown tonite brah ! 2021 Jun 04 07:49:08

KapperDog: You don't get a month of appreciation but I have some whiskey and this nice box of beads and trnkets for you and your people.  2021 Jun 03 10:10:16

xman: Let me know when it is my turn (native american) 2021 Jun 03 08:10:06

KapperDog: August is officially White People Appreciation Month 2021 Jun 01 07:47:35

xman: Never forget ! 2021 May 31 10:15:11

Reaper: Rest up brother, falling off of any ladder sucks, no matter how tall or short, but on a brighter note, I saw where in Japan they invented an airbag suit to wear when there is a risk of falling! ;) 2021 May 28 14:00:36

xman: Gotta pass on goin downtown, fell offa ladder this week and am still bummed up, 2021 May 28 09:30:26

xman: The question then being do I reinvest the CD's or take the money and run ?  (lots of fun to be had for 5 grand !) 2021 May 27 11:42:59

xman: The loan is almost repaid, which will release the CD's. 2021 May 27 11:42:00

KapperDog: 21st Century, my friend. Everything is suddenly so different. Some better. Some worse. 2021 May 27 07:43:02

xman: I took out a loan last year and they required collateral, took money out of IRA to buy CD's to put up for loan.  Messed up deal I tell yah ! 2021 May 26 09:11:48

KapperDog: My CDs are at .045% That's just plain fucked up. Hoping for rampant inflation and a huge spike in interest rates. LOL 2021 May 25 17:29:52

xman: Wish he wud bump up my CD's and IRA payments ... 2021 May 23 09:14:36

Reaper: I notice that in spite of the dip in the stonk market, everybody's 401K is riding the Biden Rocket, so once again the former guy was wrong as HELL about how great life would be without him in charge! 2021 May 20 15:09:30

xman: Bump ! 2021 May 17 07:40:58

Reaper: Hold her tightly brother xman, there's not enough love in the world these days, don't lose that which you have. Enjoy the sunshine! 2021 May 16 14:11:24

xman: Actually I spent the nite with my G/F .... she is not too much on me goin downtown .... 2021 May 15 08:37:07

xman: Goin downtown gonna see my gal ... 2021 May 14 06:54:31

xman: Almost herre again 2021 May 13 07:35:36

xman: Hey Reap, can yah feel it ? 2021 May 13 07:35:16

xman: I pay 825.00 a month and xpect my rent to be goin up . 2021 May 12 06:58:48

xman: Everyones taxes herre went up x 2 and more this year, people are facing double the apprauised value from last year and nothing has changed but the govt wanting mo money ! 2021 May 12 06:58:02

Reaper: Nothing but champagne and caviar for ol KapperDog! I'm trying my best to hold the family together Kap, but...social media tears it apart. 2021 May 11 22:26:48

xman: soundz like a really nice fookin trailer park. 2021 May 11 07:17:36

KapperDog: Nice to hear from you bud. Hope the fam is well. 2021 May 10 17:43:55

KapperDog: Shit, you think homes here are high... remember, I m moving to SanDiego. House trailors are 300k plus 2k per month lot rent. Houses are all 1 mil and up (in the places I want to live) 2021 May 10 17:43:18

Reaper: Well Kapper old pal, with the insanely high price of homes here in the sucky weather capital of the earth, I AM exploring all options, including the Philippines. 2021 May 10 13:45:35

Reaper: Sounded so good, he said it twice! 2021 May 10 13:43:58

Reaper: Sounded so good, he said it twice! 2021 May 10 13:43:44

KapperDog: Damn, Reap. You sound ike me. Let's all go to the Philippines. 2021 May 09 21:38:32

KapperDog: Damn, Reap. You sound ike me. Let's all go to the Phillippines. 2021 May 09 21:37:15

Reaper: Name ONE other state in the country that has weather that sucks THIS many days out of the year! 2021 May 09 21:09:24

xman: Doubled down and won ... be glad when it is time to go back to work so I can git some rest ... 2021 May 09 08:31:44

xman: So I spent the nite out last nite ... man am I payin tha piper this morning ... really gettin too old for sleepovers ... 2021 May 08 09:08:58

xman: It is Friday and talkin weather heds are sayin absolutely beautiful in Tropical Paradise today, and I will be inside, working ... 2021 May 07 07:12:38

xman: lmao 2021 May 07 07:11:14

KapperDog: I'll come out of hiding to agree on that one. LOL 2021 May 06 23:13:13

Reaper: The weather in Ohio sucks bigly... 2021 May 06 18:04:10

xman: Rain stopped sun may be out today, to the beach for bird watching 2021 May 02 10:22:04

xman: Round 2 come on 4 o'clock .... 2021 Apr 30 07:48:06

xman: But it was fun last nite ! 2021 Apr 28 08:26:21

xman: Faawwwwkkk, did it again last nite, I really gotta cut out the work day excursions, I'm gettin too old for this ...yup, another loooonnnggg day at work coming up ! 2021 Apr 28 08:25:52

Reaper: You Do go all in, LOL, gotta love the ladies ya'll! 2021 Apr 27 14:26:51

xman: just now crawling in, slept out again last nite, gonna be a loooooonnnnnng day at work today .... 2021 Apr 26 06:46:24

xman: Took care of that last nite, just got home from spending the nite out. 2021 Apr 25 10:56:30

Reaper: When you go downtown tonight, xman, be sure to tell her that youuuuuu.... GO ALL IN!  ;D 2021 Apr 23 21:04:56

xman: I go all in ... 2021 Apr 22 08:05:14

Reaper: Hump day, also known as sale day at Aldi's and Giant Eagle grocery stores, LOL! 2021 Apr 21 15:29:24

Reaper: HUMP DAYYYYYYYY!!!!! ROFLMAO! An oldy but a goldy commercial imho! 2021 Apr 21 15:28:37

xman:  ;) 2021 Apr 17 08:08:58

Reaper: It's TIME, it's time, it's VADER TIME! Time to go downtown, see our gals, drink ice cold beer, and forget about the bullshit at least for a few hours... 2021 Apr 16 13:14:41

xman: Hey Reap, whot day is it ?????? 2021 Apr 16 06:52:21

xman: Firefox crashed and wiped all my login out ... Just now finding my why back to some places ... 2021 Apr 12 09:03:55

Reaper: Where is my pal xman? It IS Friday pal, are we going downtown to see if we can get into some trouble at your favorite watering hole?  ;D 2021 Apr 09 10:19:22

Reaper: Well, you're in good company pal, because being in a constant state of cornfusion is the norm here, LMAO! Stay safe brother! 2021 Apr 03 01:30:11

xman: All the time ! 2021 Apr 02 07:20:05

Reaper: What chew talking about Willis? Are you cornfused? 2021 Apr 01 14:31:25

xman: I am scared is what it should have said ... can we get an edit button for the chat ? 2021 Mar 29 07:02:21

xman: I work in an apartment complex and enter peoples dwellings everyday, I am scared shitless of catching it ... 2021 Mar 29 07:01:11

KapperDog: My guitar player caught the virus a couple months ago (a month after he had bypass) and he also go the shot 2 days ago. He got the Johnson 1 time. He was sick for a day then fine. 2021 Mar 23 09:23:52

Reaper: All of the anti-vaccers can watch and learn as my brain does not get any mushier than it already is, and if I do own a Fleetwood Brougham at the time of my passing, it's all yours bro! :P 2021 Mar 20 21:43:32

xman: Can I have yur cadillac after yur brain goes to mush and yur body is worm food ???? 2021 Mar 20 13:11:42

Reaper: Got my first COVID vaccination a couple of days ago, have to wait 28 days to get the 2nd dose, and then about 2 weeks after that to have a much better chance at surviving this nightmare. The truth IS the truth, and science IS the truth, grasp it! 2021 Mar 20 01:14:56

xman: Friday again ya'll ! ! ! 2021 Mar 19 07:06:38

BIG: Kap,,Yes you are 2021 Mar 12 09:20:06

KapperDog: I make all my own bourbon and beer. Sorry for posting it here. I'm not a member 'there' anymore 2021 Mar 11 18:24:41

KapperDog: Hey Mini, with that "Air Distiller" don't you have to make and filter the mash first? Then, just put the milky liquid in that distiller? 2021 Mar 11 18:23:34

Reaper: Sunshine and upper 50s today, I think someone stole our Ohio and replaced it with this! LMAO! 2021 Mar 09 21:05:34

KapperDog: I sent out a Dove today and it came back with frost on it's beak. I guess I'll wait 7 days and send out another, 2021 Mar 07 21:20:48

xman: Is it summer time yet ? 2021 Mar 07 07:51:57

xman: Been warm but foggy/front came in last nite/cold and raining this morning ... again ! 2021 Mar 02 06:54:45

Reaper: It wasn't exactly a heat wave today, but at least the sun came out for a while, LOL! 2021 Feb 25 19:41:04

xman: 2021 Feb 20 11:55:43

xman: Fookin winter in The Big G is as bad as Ohio ! ! ! 2021 Feb 20 11:55:22

xman: Shit I am gonna git like Kapper ..... 2021 Feb 20 11:54:49

xman: All gud today, sun is out/power is on/got running water again(although we can not drink it)/and the fookin snow is all gone ! 2021 Feb 20 11:54:19

Reaper: Hunker down xman, stay safe, and find a safe way to get warm. My heart goes out to all of my friends from Texas during this crisis. 2021 Feb 19 11:08:04

xman: Stayin home tonite Reap, will pick up the torch when we are out of the winter crisis ! 2021 Feb 19 07:26:19

xman: You don't know the worst of it yet, Ercot needs to burned at the stake ! 2021 Feb 18 08:43:18

Reaper: Shiiiiiit! Snowing in Texas! I guess this means HELL can freeze over! Stay safe down there brothers and sisters, ya'll ain't used to driving on slippery roads. 2021 Feb 15 10:23:41

Reaper: Exactly! Plus, the TRUTH is the truth, which is why the voting machine companies have filed suit against Rudy, Fox News, their "on air personalities" Trump's lawyers, and others for lying about them stealing the election. Trump lost, even WITH Russia help! 2021 Feb 05 12:36:04

xman: The swamp was much more clandestine back in Nixon's time,  today, they can not hide from technology. 2021 Feb 04 06:52:05

Reaper: For the Dems to have stolen that election, a bunch of Republican governors, election officials, vote counters, and poll watchers would have to be directly involved in the biggest cover-up in the history of man, aimed at electing a man of the opposing party 2021 Feb 03 23:28:10

Reaper: We have to cut him some slack nowadays, he's still distraught over realizing that Trump lied about the election being stolen... :o 2021 Feb 03 23:20:42

xman: Oh my .... 2021 Feb 01 06:50:32

Reaper: "Get the fuck outta here"...as I recall, LMAO! ...and you wanted to be my latex salesman! 2021 Jan 31 13:03:03

Reaper: How quickly the young forget...When you were at the my house on walk-a-bout, as we were discussing politics, I told you that Nancy looked pretty hot when she was younger and not too bad now, you exclaimed: "I hate that bitch" and suggested I leave.. 2021 Jan 31 13:00:05

Farrider: No one respects my Authoritah "Cartman" 2021 Jan 30 02:16:32

Farrider: I forgot this is MY house, and I think Ill say, Kiss my ass.....kiss it ....:) 2021 Jan 30 02:13:19

Farrider: I dont think so 2021 Jan 30 02:12:29

Farrider: I tried to throw you out of your house? 2021 Jan 30 02:12:01

Reaper: McConnel looks like death warmed over, I predict he goes next. Not wishing him any harm, but he just does not look well at all. 2021 Jan 27 00:33:16