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February 20, 2020, 07:40:36 pm

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Farrider: I beg your pardon? 2020 Feb 20 09:14:07

xman: 2020 Feb 20 05:55:02

Reaper: I went to a pardon party, To reminisce with my old friends, A chance to share old memories, of crimes we'll do again... I apologize to Ricky Nelson... 2020 Feb 19 21:58:21

xman: Pardon me ... and him, and him, and him and ...... 2020 Feb 19 05:58:46

Reaper: ....and den, all of the corrupt shit that Trump is admitting to by his bragging and narcissism, will land Barr in a cell right next to Trump. Barr is corrupt as HELL, but not as stupid as Trump. 2020 Feb 18 23:11:29

Reaper: AG Barr is talking about quitting because, as you all know, he has been doing a lot of crooked shit for Trump, but he can't get Trump to keep his big mouth shut about it. He knows this shit will come to an end some day, and den... 2020 Feb 18 23:09:36

Reaper: I had the 100mg Fentynal patch on dosing me constantly, and that didn't put the asshole in the oval office out of my mind... 2020 Feb 18 12:26:20

xman: Uhhh, whot happened to the edit button ? 2020 Feb 18 06:11:45

xman: Are yu sharing ?????? 2020 Feb 18 06:10:32

Farrider: Try Heroin, straight up lol 2020 Feb 17 23:13:51

Reaper: Even Lodnum can't help how sick Trump is making so many decent people feel in our dying Democracy... 2020 Feb 17 19:29:10

Farrider: You dip your wick in that, and you will have worse problems them Trump LOL ! 2020 Feb 17 17:30:19

Farrider: Their porn is laced with shit, a good broad spectrum antibiotic cant fix  ! lol 2020 Feb 17 17:28:47

Reaper: They can leave their porn, as long as they take their President home with them... 2020 Feb 17 14:40:53

Farrider: I got rid of our Russian friends :) Wouldnt want their porn offerings to affect the election :) 2020 Feb 17 11:26:30

Reaper: Differing views in politics can never "cost" you a friendship. If it does...you weren't really friends to begin with. I hold my friends close to my heart, and am always open to make new friends, and discuss politics because I want a better life for us all. 2020 Feb 16 13:57:22

Reaper: "Feelin' the love...feelin' the love..."   Jamie Kennedy in 'Malibu's Most Wanted'  A classic movie, LOL! 2020 Feb 16 13:50:59

luvmuffin1969: Agreed. That is one of the great things here.  It is like the Klingon capital City.  We may be advisaries on the battlefield but here we are all brothers.  We each live to fight another day.  LoL 2020 Feb 15 19:23:18

xman: Git a fookin room ..... 2020 Feb 15 19:09:57

Farrider: Thanks Reap, it's nice to have a positive word here now and then. 2020 Feb 15 18:22:05

Reaper: True friendship stands the test of time, politicians come and go, true friends are rare in life, and when you have one or more, you're truly a wealthy man. 2020 Feb 15 17:25:36

Farrider: Movie is up on plex  ;D 2020 Feb 14 23:19:06

Farrider: It's about friendships that last through the years 2020 Feb 14 23:18:32

Farrider: It's not all about blasting each other 2020 Feb 14 23:17:50

Farrider: Getting old is a gift 2020 Feb 14 23:16:59

Farrider: At the end 2020 Feb 14 23:16:37

Farrider: There was a quote. 2020 Feb 14 23:15:49

Farrider: On a positive note, I was watching the new Jumanji movie 2020 Feb 14 23:15:23

Reaper: If that happens, I may have to go to flight school in Florida, do a daily bomb drop of big bags of bullshit targeting that grassy area the big bullshitter likes to stand when heading to the helicopter, LMAO! 2020 Feb 14 21:52:40

Farrider: You will wake up and it will be all over, all be it a 4 year nap lol ;D 2020 Feb 14 20:04:09

Reaper: Trump Dotardian Syndrome, aka, DTS...I like it! Viral it out, let the masses read all about it... 2020 Feb 14 19:25:54

Reaper: I fixed your definition of TDS for ya in your post...hahahahaha 2020 Feb 14 19:24:08

Reaper: The only way Trump wins is if Russia is once again successful at corrupting the vote count, the disinformation campaign works again, and the GOP keeps blocking election security. 2020 Feb 14 19:22:46

Farrider: He is going to win, that's where my definition of TDS will reach end stage  ;D 2020 Feb 14 19:20:17

Reaper: Where to start...the impeachment obviously was NOT a sham, a dozen GOP Senators admitted as much, AND Senator Romney voted to convict. The corrupt GOP Senators who voted to acquit and who are up for election this cycle will rue the day they backed Trump! 2020 Feb 14 19:15:17

xman: 2020 Feb 14 16:36:22

Farrider: Nope, your right, but Trump said thanks Democrat's for 4 MORE YEARS! You gave it to me with the sham impeachment  ;D 2020 Feb 14 09:04:27

xman: Ouch ! 2020 Feb 14 06:23:49

Reaper: As I heard, she didn't even say thanks for the pots and pans... :D 2020 Feb 14 01:28:05

Farrider: That's what she said lol 2020 Feb 13 19:08:16

Reaper: This ain't a popularity contest skippy, this is blood and guts politics! >:( Like TJ Hooker used to say at the start of each episode..."It's ROUGH and it's REAL!"  :) :) 2020 Feb 13 18:31:28

Farrider: At this rate, this place might be more popular then the original Binge LOL 2020 Feb 13 17:58:31

Farrider: See I told ya, I should buy a lottery ticket :) 2020 Feb 13 17:30:54

Reaper: I do call BULLSHIT! In the average person's life, you may get to know a hundred people as well as the Clintons knew those people, but for a national politician...they knew hundreds of thousands that well, so the odds favor the Clintons, end of story. 2020 Feb 13 12:57:11

Farrider: I'll save Reap the key strokes, I CALL BULLSHIT !  Lol 2020 Feb 13 09:05:11

Reaper: Trump is burning the country down all around you, destroying two things the GOP ALWAYS claimed ownership of, the rule of law, and the Constitution, but to hold power, you're all blind now? Again, I call BULLSHIT! 2020 Feb 12 17:44:22

Farrider: With all those coincidences we all know what they meant.  ;D 2020 Feb 12 16:07:41

Reaper: The Clintons never ordered the Attorney General of the United States to do anything other than their jobs. If there was evidence of a "suicide machine", they would have been prosecuted. Another GOP lie exposed. 2020 Feb 12 14:33:09

xman: 2020 Feb 12 06:05:01

xman: On a lighter note, at least the Clinton Suicide Machine is not in charge .... 2020 Feb 12 06:04:34

Reaper: I hope one day to be on the jury that convicts tRump and his crime family, along with the RICCO trial for the GOP Senate and Congress folks involved in this shit also, YEP, that would be a damn good day! 2020 Feb 11 23:52:08

Farrider: Got out of it for  10 years of deployment. I don't think I'm getting out of this one, 2020 Feb 11 21:15:03

Farrider: All this talk about legal issues, guess who got nailed with jury duty lol 2020 Feb 11 21:14:09

Farrider: I was deleting a double post I made, I'm innocent!!! 2020 Feb 11 19:08:15

Farrider: Sorry I popped you post by accident lol 2020 Feb 11 19:06:59

Farrider: Maybe he didn't, I've quit before I was going to get fired LMAO, innocent till proven guilty, you 8 mile will ne ready to go after 90 min or so, it's an older movie, no seeders 2020 Feb 11 19:06:13

Farrider: That's a core belief of our system, innocent until proven guilty. You got a lot of things to get changed to do it that way. 2020 Feb 11 18:34:49

Reaper: Democrats doubt everything politicians tell us, regardless of party saying it until we see proof. On face, I believe nothing of what tRump says until I can prove it true, and in this case, it's an easy LIE to prove that NO TRANSCRIPT exists of his call. 2020 Feb 11 18:09:14

Farrider: I know this is what he really meant. 2020 Feb 11 17:57:50

Farrider: At one time or another people are into shady shit in their lives, for example, here.. LOL, I'm speaking about the hear and now. And I don't want to go down the road where someone can take my words in a court of law and say, it doesn't matter what he said, 2020 Feb 11 17:57:08

Reaper: He claims he has a "transcript" indicating a word for word record, when no such document has ever existed in the history of phone call record keeping in the White House. I know that makes NO SENSE, but it IS the way it's done, just notes...tRump lies again 2020 Feb 11 17:52:57

Reaper: I told you how corrupt tRump was prior to running, and you believed me enough to do the research for yourself, and you were shocked at what you found. Listen to me now and research how the phone call records are dealt with, NO TRANSCRIPTS, just notes... 2020 Feb 11 17:48:13

Reaper: The REAL actual official government record of that conversation was whisked away and put in a secure top secret server because it was so "perfect"? Come on bro, you're not THAT stupid to believe that... 2020 Feb 11 17:45:04

Farrider: Ok, were in bizzaro land now LOL, I give up. 2020 Feb 11 17:44:38

Farrider: Dont like the law, then get it changed show you can say, I know what he said, but this is really what he meant lol 2020 Feb 11 17:43:31

Reaper: You mean the "EDITED" transcript, or the actual notes taken by the very Government officials tasked with writing the summary of each and every conversation, there is NO transcript! He made that shit up! 2020 Feb 11 17:42:13

Farrider: What if they did that to you in a civil or criminal proceeding, your lawyer would object all day long, That's the way the law works. 2020 Feb 11 17:41:52

Reaper: The sheer hypocrisy of your stance is laughable! You "hate" Adam Schiff for the few lies you claim he said about tRump, but tRump lies 16,000 times, and it bothers you NOT! I call BULLSHIT TO YOU AND ALL GOP! 2020 Feb 11 17:40:33

Farrider: I'm sorry words matter, you cant just say, well that's what he meant. 2020 Feb 11 17:39:17

Farrider: Look at the transcript of the call, which was released in it's entirety, I didn't see anything about . "help me "make up" or "manufacture" dirt" 2020 Feb 11 17:38:31

Reaper: A lying sack of shit in the oval office, fake hair, fake billionaire, fake businessman, fake height, fake health examination, won't release his tax returns because he fears the truth, but Schiff lies? HAHAHAHAHA 2020 Feb 11 17:36:10

Reaper: You want to talk about LIES??? when you have a president tRump who has exceeded 16,000 proveable lies, many time using his own words in just over 3 years? I scoff at you! 2020 Feb 11 17:33:08

Reaper: For one, he was "characterizing" what tRump said, but in fact tRump did say he didn't really need the investigation, just that he wanted him to announce that there was one. That, my hard of hearing friend, was in evidence by several witnesses... 2020 Feb 11 17:30:34

Farrider: I'm not insulting you, facts inform, not insult  ;) 2020 Feb 11 17:30:20

Farrider: Why are you defending at best someone that has trouble telling the truth, or at worst a flat out liar? 2020 Feb 11 17:27:33

Farrider: Ok example ...Schiff said in his opening statement, and in TV interviews, that Trump had asked Zelensky to "make up" or "manufacture" dirt on Trump's potential 2020 opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden. That's  a lie, one of many. 2020 Feb 11 17:25:45

Reaper: I kill Communists for fun, so stick that bullshit up your prissy little ass! If you want to insult me, at least be accurate. While we're at it, point out just ONE lie Adam Schiff told during the impeachment... 2020 Feb 11 16:29:01

Farrider: The Democrat Party is no longer the Democratic party, they are the party of AOC, and communists. 2020 Feb 11 14:47:16

luvmuffin1969: The republican party is no longer the Republican Party, they are the party of tRump. 2020 Feb 11 14:13:03

luvmuffin1969: The issue is not Democrat vs. Republican the issue is why the Republican party is falling into lockstep with tRump.  He is the most corupt President this country has ever had, and the evidence was enough to remove any President, Democrat or Republican. 2020 Feb 11 14:12:16

thedog: Damn Reap, I never took you for a man that would want to give my hard earned money to a bunch of worthless shits 2020 Feb 11 10:08:00

Reaper: Ya'll love to believe any and all GOP talking points, and don't get me wrong, the GOP is VERY effective at projecting their lies onto the Dems, but you can put lipstick on a pig, and it's still a pig, the GOP is a pack of liars and cowards! 2020 Feb 10 12:22:53

Reaper: I've paid my portion in blood, sweat, and tears for my country, and along the way my law enforcement career very clearly showed me the side of Trump that so many of you have been hoodwinked by. 2020 Feb 10 12:20:39

xman: Me thinks REAL Americans know the truth ! 2020 Feb 10 06:08:03

Reaper: If THE TRUTH divides us as a nation, then it's as Kapper has said, the end is near for us.. 2020 Feb 09 21:13:16

Farrider: For dividing the nation. 2020 Feb 09 15:09:58

Farrider: If it were possible they should impeach that Mother Fucker. 2020 Feb 09 14:08:40

Farrider: Schiff Is a lying sack of shit, Its like Snickers, any way you cut him, it comes up lies. 2020 Feb 09 14:07:47

Farrider: We need Documents, Witnesses, Documents, Witnesses, Documents, Witnesses, Documents, Witnesses, Documents, Witnesses, Documents, Witnesses,  FOR AN AIR TIGHT CASE 2020 Feb 09 14:05:59

Reaper: " and and don't give me any bs left talking points," not to be confused with the outright lying thieving Republican talking points! At least the Dems just sling bullshit once in a while, which I can live with, but the GOP lies in lockstep with tRump! 2020 Feb 08 22:11:06

xman: 2020 Feb 08 10:00:32

QuoteI'm sorry but I'm going to say something to make you think
I can xplain it to yu butt I can not make yu understand it !
2020 Feb 08 09:59:51

Farrider: And that my friends is called an exercise in futility, because no one is changing their minds LOL but I feel better ; ;D 2020 Feb 07 20:25:37

Farrider: Go Vote, and and don't give me any bs left talking points, there just trying to keep their jobs, which with term limits would go away 2020 Feb 07 20:19:52

Farrider: I let it go, I hope you guys can too 2020 Feb 07 20:16:30

Farrider: I was there, I saw it, not some Bullshit political talking points. 2020 Feb 07 20:16:03

Farrider: I live with it, just fucking let it go, The hate has to stop. 2020 Feb 07 20:13:24

Farrider: It's a fucking policy decision 2020 Feb 07 20:11:56

Farrider: You didn't watch you friends die over what he did 2020 Feb 07 20:10:13

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