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January 27, 2020, 12:51:30 pm

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Reaper: UP YOURS TOO! That's my new slogan, LMAO! Love ya man, not in a gay way, and I'll be sad to see you go when Putin's troops march in D.C. after the coup is over... 2020 Jan 26 14:06:07

Farrider: Farrider has left the building.......but Ill be in town all week :) 2020 Jan 26 01:45:53

Farrider: Love ya reap, not in a gay way :) 2020 Jan 26 01:45:10

Farrider: This is your future left or right enjoy it. 2020 Jan 26 01:39:40

Farrider: Take notice of the time line Timeline of investigations into Trump and Russia (January-June 2018) FOUND nothing. I could post this shit all day long it doesn't matter LOL 2020 Jan 26 01:38:50

Farrider: I had to post just one, but there are others, keep in mind this could be the right or left in your very near future. https://mindbinge.com/index.php?topic=10.0 2020 Jan 26 01:33:34

Farrider: So let it be written, so let it be done 8) 2020 Jan 26 01:27:00

Farrider: I just wish the commercials were better, and I could get a tingle going up my leg. 2020 Jan 26 01:24:52

Farrider: And yes MINE too when the center right folks buy the farm, same deal. 2020 Jan 26 01:21:09

Farrider: I cant believe you guys don't see this for what it is. 2020 Jan 26 01:18:55

Farrider: As much as I hate Nancy Pelosi, she is a child of the establishment, and when she buys the farm, there is an AOC to take up the banner. 2020 Jan 26 01:18:13

Farrider: Impeachment now comes on a regular basis, if everyone wants that, fine, I can turn off my subscription to watch it, because the outcome is always the same. Nany nany woo woo your impeached forever.....how fucking childish 2020 Jan 26 01:16:22

Farrider: term limits, and who gets fucked? The American people. 2020 Jan 26 01:13:56

Farrider: Now every sitting President that doesn't have a majority in the House, gets impeached, Then it gets thrown out in the Senate, getting 67 votes in the Senate would be impossible, WHY no 2020 Jan 26 01:13:05

Farrider: The shit that should be used for impeachment, is the shit Nixon did, High Crimes, but the Democrats opened Pandora's box 2020 Jan 26 01:11:16

Farrider: Where does it stop, answer it doesn't. They got more shit on him then you can shake a stick at........on and on and on........... 2020 Jan 26 01:09:17

Farrider: YES YOURs TOO. 2020 Jan 26 01:08:06

Farrider: The right Impeached Clinton, now the left impeaches Trump, If Biden gets elected and the right holds the house, guess what, Biden gets impeached...WHY because he did some power bull shit too 2020 Jan 26 01:07:20

Farrider: And that shit is applicable to more then politics LMFAO. 2020 Jan 26 01:01:05

Farrider: That's going to be my new tag line..... "YES YOURS TOO" 2020 Jan 26 01:00:17

Farrider: That surprises a logical IT Guy. 2020 Jan 26 00:57:48

Farrider: No more selling out to get re elected. 2020 Jan 26 00:57:27

Farrider: To serve us the tax paying American, no more lobbies, no more saying shit to just get re elected. 2020 Jan 26 00:56:58

Farrider: Term limits are logical, and would stop most of this shit on both sides. I haven't seen a logical argument against it. No more folks fighting to keep a job, thats supposed to be a temp job at best. 2020 Jan 26 00:55:47

Farrider: Maybe its more like the NFL, everyone wants their team to win, and be on the winning side, it wont stop till there is no more power fights, and that can only be done through term limits. 2020 Jan 26 00:50:51

Farrider: I'm surprised everyone cant see its the establisment, no matter who is in power, thus term limits. 2020 Jan 26 00:48:24

Farrider: All I can say is YES Yours too. And no, there are videos out there of congress saying impeach, impeach, impeach the mother fucker, Ill dig it up if you like, YES yours too. 2020 Jan 26 00:46:17

Reaper: If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a DUCK, and one day the truth WILL come out of how Trump became Putin's puppet, Hillary was right about that... 2020 Jan 26 00:43:34

Reaper: It amazes me to see so many people in our great country who didn't see the election being stolen by a foreign government right from the start in 2015, especially an IT guy... 2020 Jan 26 00:41:41

Reaper: By "they started talking about impeachment", I assume you mean Strok and Page, the FBI agents, who posited that they could "stop him" if he was elected? A tad bit different than impeaching him, they like me, are aware of his prior criminal activity... 2020 Jan 26 00:39:57

Reaper: Term limits, just another of the many things we agree on brother, get those cranky old bastid's out of there asap! 2020 Jan 26 00:36:25

Reaper: I agree 100% that we should eliminate the IRS, and go with a Federal Sales Tax program, and let's keep it going, and eliminate property tax too, that sucks the life out of you every 6 months... 2020 Jan 26 00:34:46

Farrider: Oh and federal sales tax, no more IRS, they get everyone including criminals, drug dealers and the lot, now I'm done 2020 Jan 26 00:27:49

Farrider: Besides term limits, that's all I'm for. 2020 Jan 26 00:17:14

Farrider: Here is a clue folks, THEY ARE ALL DOING IT, and some guy sitting there thinking NOT mine,  YES YOURS TOO! Whoever yours is. I rest my case 2020 Jan 26 00:15:56

Farrider: There is no more right and wrong, it's who has the best talking points 2020 Jan 26 00:14:27

Farrider: This is my point, everyone has an ax to grind, and the entire establishment left and right, are trying to get everyone to turn on each other 2020 Jan 26 00:13:13

Farrider: The fact of the matter is they started talking about impeaching Trump before he was elected, and no one can deny that, the chat box is to small to put up "Facts" and "video clips" and "documents" and 'witnesses" got you Reap the other day on talking points 2020 Jan 26 00:10:46

Farrider: I've been sticking up for poor ole Bernie, just to show the DNC would eat their own to control the whole game, and was blasted for it. 2020 Jan 26 00:07:35

Reaper: You know Trump is corrupt, hiding the truth from the American people, but ya'll are OK with that, as long as you hold power. Stand for SOMETHING or live and die for nothing! 2020 Jan 25 13:36:07

Reaper: Our Government passes laws, rules, and regulations, which, whether you realize or admit it, directly effect each and every one of us. If we let foreign governments control our elections, then it is NOT "we the people" who determine our own fate! 2020 Jan 25 13:31:34

Reaper: If Joe or Hunter Biden did something wrong, launch a proper investigation through the appropriate investigative body and pursue it, and then if the evidence warrants it, prosecute to the fullest extent, otherwise stop lying about conspiracy theories... 2020 Jan 25 13:28:00

Reaper: The truth can make those who choose to turn a blind eye uncomfortable indeed. I wasn't crazy that Bill Clinton was impeached over lying about sex, but I completely agreed with it, he lied to Congress, and NOBODY is above the law. 2020 Jan 25 13:25:45

thedog: I am so sick of that shit >:( 2020 Jan 25 10:11:28

Farrider: The shifty  Schiff show is almost over, 2020 Jan 24 22:56:38

xman: I AM PHATMAN ~ 2020 Jan 24 18:40:22

xman: 2020 Jan 24 18:39:50

Reaper: Let's go go go go go....we're burning  daylight! 2020 Jan 24 16:38:44

xman: Hey Reap, I gotta work tomorrow so we need to hit it downtown early tonite ... 2020 Jan 24 05:38:58

Reaper: "Are you wearing the panties that your Mother laid out on the bed for you?"  ...Seinfeld, Jerry's dirty talk episode, LOL! 2020 Jan 23 11:31:38

xman: 2020 Jan 23 06:50:49

xman: Pantyflogging .... fixed it for you ! 2020 Jan 23 06:44:40

Reaper: No quid pro cuo though, so it's blue balls city tonight...gonna go down town, gonna drink some cold beer... 2020 Jan 22 20:29:27

Reaper: Pantyfogging I say! Caused by heavy breathing when you get that close to paradise by the dashboard lights... ;) 2020 Jan 22 20:28:11

xman: 2020 Jan 22 19:10:31

Farrider: Pettifogging I say!!!! 2020 Jan 22 15:02:10

Farrider: I just touched myself....... Just saying lol 2020 Jan 22 14:55:39

luvmuffin1969: Watched most of that farce yesterday.  The Republican Party is dead.  This era of our history is going to really hard to explain to our future generations as they look back on what happened in the Senate today. 2020 Jan 22 13:02:55

Reaper: Day 2 of the death of the Republican Party as we used to know it, a sad day for all of us, as without bipartisanship, without the rule of law, without the Constitution, we are rapidly becoming a 3rd world country, the end is near... 2020 Jan 22 12:29:33

xman: Tha big Pharms say stuttering is not related to Biden or Adderall .... 2020 Jan 22 06:49:45

Reaper: I fell asleep, just woke up, did they hang him yet? You know he's laying in bed right now with a big bowl of Cheetos watching all of this... 2020 Jan 21 23:37:28

Reaper: I'm stuttering worse than Joe Biden after snorting some of Trump's Adderall... 2020 Jan 21 13:09:25

Reaper: Down from 80 million, Iran has deep discounted, and now offer just 3 million dollars to kill Trump. On a side note, the price to kill me is down to a buck $2.98. 2020 Jan 21 13:07:42

Reaper: Down from 80 million, Iran has deep discounted, and now offer just 3 million dollars to kill Trump. On a side note, the price to kill me is down to a buck $2.98. 2020 Jan 21 13:07:40

Reaper: "Endeavor to persevere..."  Chief Lone Watie in 'The Outlaw Josey Wales' 2020 Jan 21 10:28:14

xman: All's fair in love and war ! 2020 Jan 21 06:23:13

Reaper: "It's all about the money boys!"  Big Dan Teague in 'Oh Brother Where Art Though' 2020 Jan 19 16:58:18

Farrider: Its called 401K not that I have one at this point LOL 2020 Jan 19 14:19:48

Reaper: A reckoning is coming, and I will stand on the side of the rule of law, our Constitution, and the principles on which this country was founded, freedom for all, regardless of race, color, creed, or religion! 2020 Jan 19 14:19:16

Reaper: Give me ONE other reason why they forsake the teachings of Christianity, and ignore the completely anti-Christian stated beliefs of Donald Trump... 2020 Jan 19 14:16:45

Reaper: Far too many so-called Christians have been hoodwinked by the false prophet, Donald Trump. They support a person of low moral fiber because he, like them, hates people of color. There, I said it... 2020 Jan 19 14:14:27

luvmuffin1969: Agreed.  That is what I always loved about this forum, we can disagree but do it respectfully.   Not a beer drinker here, but will join you for a shot of whiskey. 2020 Jan 19 12:18:56

Reaper: I would never want to lose a friend over a differing in political opinions, because we CAN all get along. Hate NEVER solves problems, it only causes them. Now..hold my beer, LOL! Good night my brothers! 2020 Jan 18 22:08:06

xman: That's how I roll ... 2020 Jan 18 07:11:42

Reaper: Sure xman, let's go downtown, gonna see my gal, gonna drink cold beer, gonna dance all night, gonna wake up in the hospital...LMAO! 2020 Jan 17 20:47:04

xman: Hey Reap, I'm goin downtown ... wanna go with ? 2020 Jan 17 19:11:09

xman: Can we all agree to disagree ? 2020 Jan 17 18:48:23

xman: Chit can always benefit from more Cow Bell !   LOL Reap ! 2020 Jan 17 18:47:48

luvmuffin1969: The truth needs to be told, crawling under a rock and refusing to hear it so you do not have to face it is the Senators not living up to their oath of office. 2020 Jan 17 18:26:07

Reaper: And rubber hoses and phone books, we'll beat the truth out of da' bastids! 2020 Jan 17 16:48:15

Reaper: ....and cow bells! We NEED more COW BELLS dammit!!! 2020 Jan 17 16:30:14

Farrider: Lets have documents and witnesses and pens DAMN IT!!!! :o 2020 Jan 17 13:53:51

Reaper: luvmuffin1969 knows what time it is, he, like I, want the truth to come out, wherever that leads us. If the facts prove Trump and the GOP innocent, I'd be just as happy. Truth shall set you free! 2020 Jan 17 13:01:23

Reaper: I will fight to my last breath to defend our Constitution, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, no man is above the law. 2020 Jan 17 12:58:28

Reaper: Political party does NOT matter, what does matter is the rule of law, and currently the GOP is more than willing to sell out the whole country just for power, I won't! 2020 Jan 17 12:56:41

Reaper: Ohhh...I am far from "brain dead" my friend, but I am in the unique position of having participated in multiple investigations of Trump when he was a failed businessman in NYC. He was a liar and a thug then,a Democrat too... 2020 Jan 17 12:54:47

luvmuffin1969: The United States is the laughing stock of the free world.  I feel sorry for anyone who cannot look at the facts in evidence and see this. 2020 Jan 17 12:23:11

luvmuffin1969: Nothing to do with conservative or liberal, it is an issue of good vs. corrupt.  The current admistration is the most corrupt this country has ever known and the fact that the Republican Party backs this clown is a disgrace to our country.  2020 Jan 17 12:21:59

thedog: Reap, never took you fro a brain dead liberal >:( 2020 Jan 17 10:28:26

xman: surgical tubing around his neck and they called it  Suicide ... Exited the building via the window and they called it Suicide .... Don't need Fox to xplain that to me ! 2020 Jan 17 06:06:27

Reaper: You guys believe all of the lies and bullshit spread by Fox Noise, Trump, and the GOP in general, and assume there are facts to back it up! Stop believing bullshit and start searching for facts... 2020 Jan 16 17:59:05

Reaper: Trump's Roy Cohn, Attorney General Barr handpicked a Federal Prosecutor whom he thought would give him the result he wanted based on Hillary's alleged involvement in Uranium one, not counting on a man with integrity telling him...NO, she did nothing wrong. 2020 Jan 16 17:57:09

Reaper: The pen truly IS mightier than the sword... ;) 2020 Jan 16 13:38:09

Farrider: I just want my pen, In fact pens all around. We paid for them :) 2020 Jan 16 13:12:30

xman: When he equals/surpasses the Clinton Suicide Machine, I will take more notice ... 2020 Jan 16 06:04:36

Reaper: Hey GOP...does Trump have to get recorded trying to hire hitmen to have one of YOUR family members killed before you believe he is a thug in bed with Russia selling out our country? How dirty does he have to be before you wake up and smell the coffee? 2020 Jan 15 20:13:53

Reaper: Thanks bro, PLEX is da'bomb! 2020 Jan 15 14:49:02

Farrider: For anyone that cares, just put up the latest Terminator on PLEX 2020 Jan 15 13:53:52

Farrider: Ill have to go over the permissions when I get a chance. 2020 Jan 15 13:53:19

thedog: gimme the gryo at arbys 2020 Jan 15 10:10:08


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