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December 02, 2020, 08:21:24 pm

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xman: THAT ought to stop um ...  lol 2020 Dec 02 06:51:51

Reaper: Let's see if closing the door keeps them out for a while... ;) 2020 Dec 01 13:49:56

Reaper: Thanks xman, your help is always appreciated! I will speak with the admin administrator, LOL, and see if we can give you a broom. In the interim, if I did it right, I stopped new registration for members... 2020 Dec 01 13:47:46

xman: lmao, the report to moderator is not working, keeps telling me to try again later .... mishap in aisle 5 again ! 2020 Dec 01 05:53:11

xman: In the meantime I hope no one is cliking the links .... 2020 Nov 29 06:12:16

xman: Ask tha boss to allow me access and I will be glad to help with the chores 2020 Nov 29 06:11:29

Reaper: I burned through 3 mops already! We gonna need a water truck! 2020 Nov 28 10:28:58

xman: Aisle 5 takin a beatin lately ! 2020 Nov 28 05:34:54

Reaper: I won't be even a liddle' bit surprised if Cheeto Boy signs an executive order changing the name from "Black Friday" to "White Friday"...just because Trump 2020 Nov 27 13:52:57

xman: As bookeepers only see two colors, (red and black) guessin green friday was out of the question ... 2020 Nov 27 06:45:48

Reaper: I notice that the most favorite shopping day of the most racist among us is one that is historically called "Black Friday"...how ironic is that?  :o 2020 Nov 26 18:05:29

Reaper: Happy Thanksgiving to turkeys of all colors, even the ones with the red necks! ;D 2020 Nov 26 18:02:13

xman: Happy Turkey Day all you turkeys ! 2020 Nov 26 07:07:48

xman: Big spill aisle 5 ! 2020 Nov 26 07:07:14

xman: Rudabaaayyyy, Rudabaaayyyy   1:10 on video 2020 Nov 25 07:50:55

Reaper: We gonna need a water truck... :o 2020 Nov 24 23:16:47

Reaper: Clean up in Aisle 5...mission accomplished. 2020 Nov 24 19:41:46

Reaper: I am home... 2020 Nov 22 15:49:20

xman: go all in or go home ! 2020 Nov 21 09:15:03

Reaper: "I'm small, but everybody calls me whale...cause I'm big boy in the casino!"   "I go all in!" 2020 Nov 20 12:10:31

Reaper: A KapperDog drive by, LOL, he shows up here, but won't take the time to answer a text message sent to him, LMAO! Are you in hiding bro? 2020 Nov 20 12:05:40

xman: Save tha whales and hug an eggplant ! 2020 Nov 20 06:33:18

KapperDog: Don't let the jungle bunnies in... they'll eat the eggplants. 2020 Nov 19 15:07:52

Reaper: OK...which "kind" wouldst thou be speaking of then? 2020 Nov 19 14:02:47

xman: Nope, I did not mean people of color, much less one color over another, I meant THEM KIND ! 2020 Nov 19 07:03:42

Reaper: If we don't all learn to get along, then as the divide grows greater, we will undoubtably witness civil war in this country again, as the hatred is palpable... 2020 Nov 18 14:43:22

Reaper: She said that my Mom was a white skinned red haired woman who they thought must be Irish, and that my Dad was either a big,light skinned black man, or a Filipino, so either way, that makes me a person of mixed race, and I am not ashamed of it. 2020 Nov 18 14:40:11

Reaper: I don't remember my real father or mother, since shortly after birth I was abandoned at the emrgency room door of a local hospital, and never knew that until the age of 55, however the woman who raised me described my parent to me... 2020 Nov 18 14:37:03

Reaper: Well no...I cannot see into your heart, friend, but IF by "them kind" you mean people of color, then I feel sorry for you not being able to accept that all men are created equal, and that we are all one race, the HUMAN race. 2020 Nov 18 14:34:36

xman: You know .... "them kind" ! 2020 Nov 18 07:31:45

Reaper: What do you mean by "them kind"? If it's rioters and looters, we're on the same page. 2020 Nov 16 23:12:29

Reaper: At every peaceful protest that turned violent, there was at least one or more instance of the fire being started by a white supremecist, and there were plenty of other fires started by non whites, but the whites sure did not help matters. 2020 Nov 16 22:47:54

Reaper: Watch and learn mon frere', the new Attorney General WILL make sure that those rioters that burn, loot, riot, and endanger the general safety will be prosecuted under Biden. Peaceful protestors will NOT, and they shouldn't be arrested or gassed. 2020 Nov 16 22:43:58

xman: I for one do not want them kind in my neighborhood ... jus sayin 2020 Nov 16 06:28:33

xman: How many Trump rallys/protest have turned into lawlessness ~rioting/looting/burning/destroying others proterties ? 2020 Nov 16 06:28:13

xman: "arrest and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law"  "crimes such as looting and burning" He cannot, THAT is his constituency ! 2020 Nov 16 06:27:03

Reaper: Biden is a conservative minded Democrat, as most of us are, and I KNOW he really means it when he says he wants to heal the nation. We will learn to live together as brothers and sisters, or fall as a nation... 2020 Nov 15 13:34:42

Reaper: I'm praying that President Biden follows the path he has always been on, that we arrest and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those among us who commit crimes such as looting and burning, but also follows through with police reform. 2020 Nov 15 13:30:27

xman: "we all need to learn to live together in peace and harmony" I could not agree more, try explaining that to the other world factions, (domestic and foreign), who are Hell bent on destroying the USA 2020 Nov 15 07:24:33

Reaper: Regarding the election, I think that Biden won fair and square, in spite of all the things the GOP did to suppress the African American vote. The demographics are changing bro, and we all need to learn to live together in peace and harmony. 2020 Nov 14 22:30:32

Reaper: I want a full bipartisan investigation into everything that Hunter Biden did or did not do in all of this mess, and just who all was involved. I don't think Barr was fair and equal in anything he did, so hopefully the next guy will know how to do it. 2020 Nov 14 22:25:47

Reaper: The only thing that gives me any pause on this story is that Sen. Ron Johnson is the driving force to this investigation, and he is openly spreading Russian disinformation, and knows it, about so many other things just to try to hold power. 2020 Nov 14 22:24:05

xman: No question he is a spiteful little bitch ... have you seen this about the new Liar in Chief ? https://americasfreedomfighters.com/senate-releases-devastating-interim-report-on-investigations-into-hunter-bidens-ukraine-and-china-scandals-3/ 2020 Nov 14 06:17:07

Reaper: So...either he is a spiteful little bitch, and you're ok with that, or he is trying some kind of bullshit 3rd world coup. Did ya notice what our top military commander said about all this? 2020 Nov 13 13:11:33

Reaper: I dunno about "standard procedure" though, bro...no other president in history has fired so many top government officials during their last few months in power, NONE, only Trump. 2020 Nov 13 13:10:19

xman: Meh, standard procedure, he does need to concede, though. 2020 Nov 12 07:40:54

Reaper: So far, files are being shredded, secure servers looted, which you would bring in a group of sycophants to do near the end of your term why? Oh, I forgot, you Trumpers don't want to know... 2020 Nov 11 23:26:50

Reaper: Now we just have to figure out why he is trying to burn down the house on the way out. He decapitated the DOD and the stooges he put in place were all very vocal about disputing Trump's ties to Russia. 2020 Nov 11 23:23:53

xman: And since this is over we can resume our normally scheduled programs ? 2020 Nov 07 15:12:41

xman: Pretty sure the bag man still has a job, he just has new bosses ! 2020 Nov 07 15:11:57

Reaper: No xman, it does not mean it is over, it means that a new plan will be put in place to try to save as many of our people as we can from dying from a virus that we should have controlled in the first place. I hope that it comes in time to save you... 2020 Nov 07 14:12:45

xman: If Sleepy Joe and his Ho win does that mean the covid shit is over or will they perpetuate the control over the people ? 2020 Nov 06 06:46:28

xman: Georgia caved, it cud be over. 2020 Nov 06 06:44:36

Reaper: Yes, but unfortunately, in this case, that urge is being brought to the surface by being egged on by Trump for political purposes. 2020 Nov 05 14:40:07

xman: An urge to kill is not a politcally rooted emotion, it is a personal factor, much like our "other" human faults 2020 Nov 05 07:52:51

Reaper: I hear so many GOP referring to Democrats as "the enemy", and that there will be bloodshed. Well xman, no matter who wins or loses, you will still be my friend, so what the fuck is wrong with so many Trumpers wanting to kill to support a narcissistic ass? 2020 Nov 04 19:48:32

Reaper: That's right, xman, count ALL the votes, that's the way it was always meant to be done, except for that 2000 deal... 2020 Nov 04 19:45:41

xman: As close as it can git this morning, let the counting begin ! 2020 Nov 04 07:06:56

Reaper: "Because he is a good Christian." Really, his own family members said he did NOT routinely attend services at any church, and referred to those who did, as suckrs ad losers. 2020 Nov 03 17:33:46

Reaper: "Because Trump will end abortions forever!" Oh, I see, except apparently for the 3 that he has paid for, including one with a staff assistant at Trump's business. 2020 Nov 03 17:29:05

Reaper: Trump University? Scam, had to refund more than 25 million dollars. Trump Airlines? Bankrupt. Trump Steaks? Out of business, stiffed distributors for millions... 2020 Nov 03 17:24:44

Reaper: "But Trump's a successful businessman!" Well, NO, actually he has never been successful at anything, 6 bankruptcies bear that out. 2020 Nov 03 17:22:06

Reaper: If you had a friend who constantly lied to you, how long would they stay your friend? Apply your answer to Trump also. 2020 Nov 03 17:19:57

Reaper: I early voted 2 weeks ago, and from what I am hearing from friends, Joe Biden is set to clean Trump's clock. It might not be overwhelming, but Biden will win! 2020 Nov 03 17:16:39

thedog: VOTE 2020 Nov 03 09:07:05

xman: He won't git any takers with that string tied to it .... 2020 Nov 03 07:05:47

thedog: well you can walk backwards and troll for whores 2020 Nov 02 09:35:29

xman: Yup, yu got the old man left his zipper down again syndrome ... 2020 Nov 02 06:17:45

Reaper: Oh shit...did I leave it hanging out again? I'm getting senile, I walked outside with no shoes, no coat, and no common sense, LOL! 2020 Nov 01 01:27:33

thedog: glad to see have not changed, you have a great hollow wennie 2020 Oct 31 09:37:35

xman: Don't do it, Don't do it girl ... lmfao ! 2020 Oct 31 07:46:25

Reaper: Did I mention, we need a WATER TRUCK! LMAO! 2020 Oct 30 16:08:13

Reaper: Oh Hell yeah, a dog drive by, I love it! How the heck are you Sir? I'm still here talking and listening to some of the best people on the internet, damn glad you stopped by! 2020 Oct 30 16:07:27

thedog: good to see all you fuckers are still alive and kicking 2020 Oct 30 09:48:24

Reaper:  ;D ;D ;D 2020 Oct 26 22:11:18

xman: Seems a valid assumption to me 2020 Oct 26 07:23:29

Reaper: Speaking of sucking...farrider told me that his boss used the word "dick" in a sentence. I asked if he also used the words "suck and my"...does that make me a bad person? ;D 2020 Oct 25 14:01:34

xman: Glad to see yur still suckin wind brother ! 2020 Oct 25 08:30:26

Farrider: Just doing some Database Maintenance, yes I'm still around :) 2020 Oct 24 18:51:45

Farrider: Good  evening assholes LOL 2020 Oct 24 18:50:58

Reaper: Watch the debate tonight, the master waits, while Trump masterbates, LOL! Fireworks in October, LOL! 2020 Oct 22 13:40:50

Reaper: She dead...she dead...Oh no she not...if she ate some dim sum instead of playing with matches, she'd have been happy and unburnt, LOL! 2020 Oct 22 13:37:05

xman: Asian dumplings, someone call tha water truck ! 2020 Oct 22 08:47:52

Reaper: I love dim sum in the morning from a Chinatown restaurant that really knows how to make it properly... 2020 Oct 21 13:41:42

xman: I like green eggs and ham ... 2020 Oct 21 09:22:45

Reaper: I like presidents who don't hold super spreader events to host people too stupid to believe in science, thus infecting them to spread to the rest of us who do. 2020 Oct 21 00:13:36

Reaper: I like my presidents to not owe a half a million dollars to Russia, and to not have a secret bank account in China, where he paid far more taxes than he did in the USA! 2020 Oct 21 00:11:47

KapperDog: I see Adobe has announced the EOL for Flash Player. I told you guys way back in the DTV days that Flash was dangerous. I might install it, now. 2020 Oct 17 09:30:31

Reaper: I've said all along, Trump can kiss my ass any time, LOL, and right after that, I'd jump into a stock tank filled with Chlorox! 2020 Oct 13 16:50:42

xman: Cheeto feels soo gud he wants to kiss everyone, git in line Reaper ! ! ! 2020 Oct 13 06:42:52

xman: she done lit that mans car afire !  lmao 2020 Oct 12 06:47:26

Reaper: She dead...she dead...No, she not dead..girl got 9 lives...  Go downtown anyway xman, maybe you can save a damsel in distress and give her mouth to mouth. 2020 Oct 09 12:20:52

xman: No Graboids downtown tonite, rain from the hurricane ... 2020 Oct 09 07:13:58

Reaper: I fail to see the correlation between your itchy ass and the orange skinned, braying jackass, unless....he's grabbing new things, LOL! 2020 Oct 03 01:19:25

Farrider: Its making my ass itch >:( 2020 Oct 02 23:45:50

Farrider: Ill just be glad when all this shit is over. 2020 Oct 02 23:45:32

xman: Gueesin one cud say tha snake bit him on his ass eh ? 2020 Oct 02 06:57:39