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I am saying that you will never get any traffic if that is what you are offering.  There are hundreds of sites devoted to those subjects that are far more definitive than this one.
unfortunately, that group is long gone, the only thing our present group thinks about is old age, former glory, dreams of pussy and beer
Well as far as I know out "other" forum is private and it has died a slow death from lack of participation by the few members that have paid hard cash to belong.  Not much point in belong to a forum if you don't have any discussions going on or items of interest being posted by the members.  Just using the shout box to tell each other "good Morning' is sort of like taking to your self in the mirror.

On the other hand if you are public  you have to have something that will draw people into your site on a regular basis.  That requires topics that a broad number of people are interested in or information that a lot of people are looking for.