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Reaper: Oh great! Now Kapper is leaving Ohio, NOW who will we have to also bitch about the Ohio weather? Probably gonna have to import someone from some far away foreign land who would get here and say...OH HELL NO, not living in this crazy weather! 2021 Sep 13 16:55:33

xman: Too bad yur itinerary does not include Tropical Paradise, it has been absoulutely nice herre for the past few days ... 2021 Sep 11 10:22:33

KapperDog: Well, we were supposed to leave yesterday and Tonie got a toothache. Figures. Leaving Monday if possible 2021 Sep 08 08:17:24

xman: Goin to the beach today, Reap, wanna go with ? 2021 Sep 05 09:43:08

xman: All yur missing herre is HOT, oh and Muggy, and Steamy, and ..... 2021 Aug 29 09:00:34

KapperDog: 10 more days until I start my walkabout. I wish I was going anywhere near Texas. Love to see you guys. First stop, Colorado Springs ETD Sept 7. 2021 Aug 28 02:05:03

xman:  friday, Friday, FRIDAY ! 2021 Aug 27 09:02:03

xman: We all gonna die someday ... 2021 Aug 27 09:01:49

Reaper: Not to mention that I have family and friends that I do not want to be responsible for potentially giving THEM the virus and losing any one of them due to my selfishness... 2021 Aug 26 09:49:49

Reaper: ...and another weekend approaches. As much as I want to go down there to Texas and go on walkabout, I do not want to have gone through all the shit I have and survived just to die from a virus I can't even see. 2021 Aug 26 09:48:08

xman: Yah, whot he said ... 2021 Aug 23 09:08:30

xman: Boy that weekend was way too short ... 2021 Aug 16 07:30:35

xman: As it pours rain on my parade this morning .... 2021 Aug 13 06:59:11

xman: goin downtown in this old van I found .... 2021 Aug 06 07:33:58

Reaper: Noop...pin stripes and thunder speakers, all the comforts of home in a compact package! As soon as I find one, I'm hoping to be able to do a driving tour to visit friends, old and new, around this beautiful country! 2021 Aug 04 12:55:12

xman: curtains and flower power decals ? 2021 Aug 04 07:09:54

Reaper: Looking for an RV Van, older one preferred, if anybody in the warmer states knows of a good deal on one. 2021 Aug 02 13:14:05

Reaper: I trust an old man with wisdom over an old man with a narcissistic sociopathic personality disorder any damn day, bro...I'm just saying. 2021 Aug 02 13:12:17

xman: Finally Friday ! 2021 Jul 30 09:38:57

xman: only wednesday and I am draggin already, g/f is using me up ... 2021 Jul 28 07:23:34

xman: Hey Reap, whot day is it ?????? 2021 Jul 23 07:32:57

xman: Lookin like it is gonna be a great day to take BBS to the beach, load yur bike up and come on down Kapper 2021 Jul 18 07:45:50

xman: Goin downtown gonna see my gal ... 2021 Jul 16 10:30:42

xman: Which can resemble the Thorazine Shuffle  ... 2021 Jul 14 07:38:05

xman: The Uncle Joe shuffle ... LMFAO 2021 Jul 13 07:14:03

xman: You put your right foot in You take your right foot out You put your right foot in And you shake it all about You do the hokey pokey And you turn yourself around That's what it's all about 2021 Jul 13 07:13:39

xman: Uncle Joe is two step away from the old folks who can't remember chit home, then yur g/f K is gonna really fook up tha works .... 2021 Jul 10 12:03:26

Reaper: I also told him to let the facts come out of all of the illegal shit Trump has done over the decades that I have followed his career... 2021 Jul 10 11:12:48

Reaper: I told him to name one other person who could get companies to pay him millions of dollars just to put Trump's name on a building he doesn't even OWN! Sheer genius! 2021 Jul 10 11:11:47

Reaper: He assumed that all I would do is talk shit about Trump, and was shocked to hear me proclaim what a genius Trump actually is, a genius at marketing because... 2021 Jul 10 11:10:18

Reaper: I had a 2 hour conversation with an 89 year old hard core Donald Trump supporter that I wish I had a recording of, or at least a transcript. 2021 Jul 10 11:08:57

Reaper: My brother xman...I sure wish I was there at least once to go downtown with ya so we could chase every woman off the beach, LOL! 2021 Jul 10 11:00:56

xman: gonna sing her a song 2021 Jul 09 11:04:44

xman: Goin downtown gonna see my gal ... 2021 Jul 09 11:04:28

xman: For me it is, friday, Friday, FRIDAY ! 2021 Jul 08 07:38:57

xman: Reap, they cut my hours at work, I now have Friday off, for now, so guess whot today is ? 2021 Jul 08 07:37:42

xman: Assimilate or Die ! 2021 Jul 07 06:59:52

xman: Been rainin herre for a week, and gonna rain the rest of the week, the sea and we, are one. 2021 Jul 07 06:58:50

xman: *snicker* 2021 Jul 04 09:03:04

KapperDog: Drown 2021 Jul 03 08:15:31

xman: Kap, whotcha gonna do if the Dumocrats blow up the S/A fault and the whole state falls into the sea ? 2021 Jul 02 07:07:37

Reaper: Kapper...whatcha gonna do if the GOP blows up the San Andreas fault and the whole state falls into the sea? 2021 Jul 01 23:53:51

xman: Which tent city are you moving to ? 2021 Jun 30 07:07:24

KapperDog: Ohio has more earthquakes than San Diego. SD has not recorded a quake since 1976. Too far South for quakes. 2021 Jun 29 07:39:14

Reaper: I dunno Kappy, the price of real estate is awful high for a place that is one good earthquake more from falling into the ocean... 2021 Jun 28 20:32:13

Reaper: It sounded so good to him the first time he said it, he just HAD to say it again! ROFLMAO!!! :P 2021 Jun 28 20:30:54

KapperDog: 9 more weeks for me and I will be on the beach also 2021 Jun 28 08:17:18

KapperDog: 9 more weeks for me and I will be on the beach also 2021 Jun 28 08:17:17

xman: Gotta play "Carl the yard man" this morning and then it is off to the beech ! 2021 Jun 27 11:23:36

xman: My dad was a skinny guy and mom was a big lady, I take after my mom.  no prob ! 2021 Jun 26 09:45:53

xman: lmfao ! 2021 Jun 26 09:44:32

Reaper: Today, I start a new diet, I call it the "Naked & Afraid" diet. I saw myself naked in the mirror and I got very afraid! 2021 Jun 25 14:40:53

xman: Yu outta see the beachfront Reap, bumper to bumper girls in kinis ! 2021 Jun 20 11:55:07

xman: Naw Leans needs to batton down tha hatches ! 2021 Jun 18 07:01:45

xman: Lookin like we dodged it again ... 2021 Jun 18 07:01:02

xman: Talkin weather heds say it is gonna be a storm added to the dumpster diving tomorrow nite ! 2021 Jun 17 07:12:49

Reaper: "kini's" and wet t-shirt contests...as American as apple pie! 2021 Jun 13 18:24:34

xman: Fitin to do yard work and then it will be time to take BBS to the beach, I will look at the "kini's" for you Reap ! 2021 Jun 13 09:52:46

xman: Yur on yur own tonite Reaper, me and G/F gonna leave town after lunch for a trip, just drop my name at the dumpster bin and they will let you in. 2021 Jun 11 13:22:23

xman: Beachfront was hoppin yesterday, all the bars are open and the girls are scantily clad ! 2021 Jun 06 09:44:08

xman: Awesome ! 2021 Jun 06 09:42:13

Reaper: Rest up xman, our little buddy challenged me to do a drive by at his home down that way, so as soon as I can find a van sized RV I'll be stopping in there to hit the downtown bars wit ya! 2021 Jun 04 22:38:03

xman: and I git my beads at Mardi Grai thank you anyway ... 2021 Jun 04 07:51:16

xman: As long as the blankets are not dosed with smallpox .... 2021 Jun 04 07:50:39

xman: Reap, my knee is still the size of a grapefruit and the other parts are still hurtin, gotta pass on downtown tonite brah ! 2021 Jun 04 07:49:08

KapperDog: You don't get a month of appreciation but I have some whiskey and this nice box of beads and trnkets for you and your people.  2021 Jun 03 10:10:16

xman: Let me know when it is my turn (native american) 2021 Jun 03 08:10:06

KapperDog: August is officially White People Appreciation Month 2021 Jun 01 07:47:35

xman: Never forget ! 2021 May 31 10:15:11

Reaper: Rest up brother, falling off of any ladder sucks, no matter how tall or short, but on a brighter note, I saw where in Japan they invented an airbag suit to wear when there is a risk of falling! ;) 2021 May 28 14:00:36

xman: Gotta pass on goin downtown, fell offa ladder this week and am still bummed up, 2021 May 28 09:30:26

xman: The question then being do I reinvest the CD's or take the money and run ?  (lots of fun to be had for 5 grand !) 2021 May 27 11:42:59

xman: The loan is almost repaid, which will release the CD's. 2021 May 27 11:42:00

KapperDog: 21st Century, my friend. Everything is suddenly so different. Some better. Some worse. 2021 May 27 07:43:02

xman: I took out a loan last year and they required collateral, took money out of IRA to buy CD's to put up for loan.  Messed up deal I tell yah ! 2021 May 26 09:11:48

KapperDog: My CDs are at .045% That's just plain fucked up. Hoping for rampant inflation and a huge spike in interest rates. LOL 2021 May 25 17:29:52

xman: Wish he wud bump up my CD's and IRA payments ... 2021 May 23 09:14:36

Reaper: I notice that in spite of the dip in the stonk market, everybody's 401K is riding the Biden Rocket, so once again the former guy was wrong as HELL about how great life would be without him in charge! 2021 May 20 15:09:30

xman: Bump ! 2021 May 17 07:40:58

Reaper: Hold her tightly brother xman, there's not enough love in the world these days, don't lose that which you have. Enjoy the sunshine! 2021 May 16 14:11:24

xman: Actually I spent the nite with my G/F .... she is not too much on me goin downtown .... 2021 May 15 08:37:07

xman: Goin downtown gonna see my gal ... 2021 May 14 06:54:31

xman: Almost herre again 2021 May 13 07:35:36

xman: Hey Reap, can yah feel it ? 2021 May 13 07:35:16

xman: I pay 825.00 a month and xpect my rent to be goin up . 2021 May 12 06:58:48

xman: Everyones taxes herre went up x 2 and more this year, people are facing double the apprauised value from last year and nothing has changed but the govt wanting mo money ! 2021 May 12 06:58:02

Reaper: Nothing but champagne and caviar for ol KapperDog! I'm trying my best to hold the family together Kap, but...social media tears it apart. 2021 May 11 22:26:48

xman: soundz like a really nice fookin trailer park. 2021 May 11 07:17:36

KapperDog: Nice to hear from you bud. Hope the fam is well. 2021 May 10 17:43:55

KapperDog: Shit, you think homes here are high... remember, I m moving to SanDiego. House trailors are 300k plus 2k per month lot rent. Houses are all 1 mil and up (in the places I want to live) 2021 May 10 17:43:18

Reaper: Well Kapper old pal, with the insanely high price of homes here in the sucky weather capital of the earth, I AM exploring all options, including the Philippines. 2021 May 10 13:45:35

Reaper: Sounded so good, he said it twice! 2021 May 10 13:43:58

Reaper: Sounded so good, he said it twice! 2021 May 10 13:43:44

KapperDog: Damn, Reap. You sound ike me. Let's all go to the Philippines. 2021 May 09 21:38:32

KapperDog: Damn, Reap. You sound ike me. Let's all go to the Phillippines. 2021 May 09 21:37:15

Reaper: Name ONE other state in the country that has weather that sucks THIS many days out of the year! 2021 May 09 21:09:24

xman: Doubled down and won ... be glad when it is time to go back to work so I can git some rest ... 2021 May 09 08:31:44

xman: So I spent the nite out last nite ... man am I payin tha piper this morning ... really gettin too old for sleepovers ... 2021 May 08 09:08:58

xman: It is Friday and talkin weather heds are sayin absolutely beautiful in Tropical Paradise today, and I will be inside, working ... 2021 May 07 07:12:38

xman: lmao 2021 May 07 07:11:14