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January 21, 2020, 10:15:35 pm

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Reaper: I'm stuttering worse than Joe Biden after snorting some of Trump's Adderall... 2020 Jan 21 13:09:25

Reaper: Down from 80 million, Iran has deep discounted, and now offer just 3 million dollars to kill Trump. On a side note, the price to kill me is down to a buck $2.98. 2020 Jan 21 13:07:42

Reaper: Down from 80 million, Iran has deep discounted, and now offer just 3 million dollars to kill Trump. On a side note, the price to kill me is down to a buck $2.98. 2020 Jan 21 13:07:40

Reaper: "Endeavor to persevere..."  Chief Lone Watie in 'The Outlaw Josey Wales' 2020 Jan 21 10:28:14

xman: All's fair in love and war ! 2020 Jan 21 06:23:13

Reaper: "It's all about the money boys!"  Big Dan Teague in 'Oh Brother Where Art Though' 2020 Jan 19 16:58:18

Farrider: Its called 401K not that I have one at this point LOL 2020 Jan 19 14:19:48

Reaper: A reckoning is coming, and I will stand on the side of the rule of law, our Constitution, and the principles on which this country was founded, freedom for all, regardless of race, color, creed, or religion! 2020 Jan 19 14:19:16

Reaper: Give me ONE other reason why they forsake the teachings of Christianity, and ignore the completely anti-Christian stated beliefs of Donald Trump... 2020 Jan 19 14:16:45

Reaper: Far too many so-called Christians have been hoodwinked by the false prophet, Donald Trump. They support a person of low moral fiber because he, like them, hates people of color. There, I said it... 2020 Jan 19 14:14:27

luvmuffin1969: Agreed.  That is what I always loved about this forum, we can disagree but do it respectfully.   Not a beer drinker here, but will join you for a shot of whiskey. 2020 Jan 19 12:18:56

Reaper: I would never want to lose a friend over a differing in political opinions, because we CAN all get along. Hate NEVER solves problems, it only causes them. Now..hold my beer, LOL! Good night my brothers! 2020 Jan 18 22:08:06

xman: That's how I roll ... 2020 Jan 18 07:11:42

Reaper: Sure xman, let's go downtown, gonna see my gal, gonna drink cold beer, gonna dance all night, gonna wake up in the hospital...LMAO! 2020 Jan 17 20:47:04

xman: Hey Reap, I'm goin downtown ... wanna go with ? 2020 Jan 17 19:11:09

xman: Can we all agree to disagree ? 2020 Jan 17 18:48:23

xman: Chit can always benefit from more Cow Bell !   LOL Reap ! 2020 Jan 17 18:47:48

luvmuffin1969: The truth needs to be told, crawling under a rock and refusing to hear it so you do not have to face it is the Senators not living up to their oath of office. 2020 Jan 17 18:26:07

Reaper: And rubber hoses and phone books, we'll beat the truth out of da' bastids! 2020 Jan 17 16:48:15

Reaper: ....and cow bells! We NEED more COW BELLS dammit!!! 2020 Jan 17 16:30:14

Amazon Fire Stick?

Started by DocvAcumen, December 27, 2019, 07:29:57 pm

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Ok so , what is the details about these things?

I wanna know!

Seems that they can be manipulated?
how so , and how far?
what does it cost to even have one for the normal content?
and what is the normal content?

See , I promised to be back with DumbAss questions...



And Ill reward you, for being a loyal Binger.

Ill set you up on my own server. 660 movies

I should imagine that will give you some time to kill.

Download Plex on your fire stick and click on the link in the email you will receive.


I do not have a Fire Stick as of yet.....

I was asking about them and all.

As i have NOOOOOO idea about them yet?

Hence my question and all there
OLE Checkman /Checkmen?!!! was something like that?
or whatever name you change too .....


Plex works on anything , phone, firestick, pc, tablet, smart tv, roku, anything.

Were done here trying to hack things, why do you think everyone left?

I can only offer my own server, which everyone seems to enjoy.

Hacking is over, its finished.

Yea there are a few dingle berries that hit websites strewn with viruses and what not.

Its over. Its finished.

That's why there is no one here.

I offer you my server, and 660 movies with new releases out as they become available.

That's all there is left

You don't understand how we went from 20 thousand to 6 LOL

Its like the end of Ferris Bueler's  day off.

Why are you still here, go home the movie is over LOL


Looking forward to a forum where we can just sit back, relax and BS again. See how many find their way back.


You give me 20 gold coins, I give you CRAM....