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Reaper: Any time you'd like to see my medical records, drop in, just wear a mask, because I know you Republicans love to spread the virus to as many as you can... 2021 Jan 24 15:39:35

Reaper: Geez Doc, excuse the HELL out of me for fighting through cancer twice and everything else I have gone through to stay on this rock to help my family. I thought of you as a friend, but no friend of mine would begrudge me for being a fighter. 2021 Jan 24 15:37:02

xman: Yahno, I bet that ole gal had some nice lookin hooters in her younger days ... 2021 Jan 24 06:27:51

Farrider: They will be gone, Pelosi has one foot on the grave 2021 Jan 23 23:51:20

Farrider: No need for violence. just wait it out 2021 Jan 23 23:47:21

Farrider: doesn't matter the clock is ticking same as Obama's was.... you guys don't get it, you just wait it out. 2021 Jan 23 23:45:44

DocAcumen: well guess the Reaper SLEEPS!!!!!  Come Find me!  2021 Jan 23 06:17:17

DocAcumen: O HI O!!!!  LOMFAO 2021 Jan 23 04:41:41

DocAcumen: Nice you have recoverd SO well in the last 20 years! From bed ridden too!  Going Down Town and all!!  2021 Jan 23 04:37:27

DocAcumen: AND YES I do remember!!!!   2021 Jan 23 04:20:41

DocAcumen: WOW Reaper, JUST WOW!  here you are taliking about multi terms For your lady?  And to think .... you was talking about how you was on your DEATH Bed , what back in 2000?  How times CHANGE huh? 2021 Jan 23 04:19:18

Reaper: xman...was a Sharpie involved in the rejoining the fake sky is falling weather channel process? No, hunh...ROFLMAO! 2021 Jan 22 13:13:06

Reaper: Damn glad to see you are that anxious to have Kamala take over in 1460 days and then start her glorious 2,922 days as a 2 term very successful president! Embrace the diversity! 2021 Jan 22 13:11:14

Farrider: 1460 days left, WOW this is going faster then I thought LOL 2021 Jan 21 09:59:47

xman: Yup cut the pipeline and rejoined the fake sky is falling weather channel ... Winning ! 2021 Jan 21 07:57:17

Reaper: It does matter who the president is, for ALL of us, if the president we have is only out for himself, such as we just went through these last 4 years. I want the truth, and I can HANDLE the truth! LOL! 2021 Jan 20 20:56:42

Reaper: At which point the 2,922 day term of Kamala will begin, so you've got that going for you... ;D 2021 Jan 20 20:20:59

Farrider: Well, 1,461 days to go on this round LOL 2021 Jan 20 13:19:40

xman: Just put new speakers in the doors, blew out the passanger door rite before the new year ! 2021 Jan 18 06:28:00

Reaper: One of these days, I'm gonna make it down there so we can ride in the boombox pick-up truck to go downtown, eat seafood, and drink ice cold beer. Politics should NEVER seperate friends! Peace brother... 2021 Jan 16 16:03:51

xman: Naw naw brah, work kicked my ass this week and it is cold outside, delivered Calimari and Greek salad nite ! 2021 Jan 16 10:58:27

Reaper: Hey xman, are we going downtown tonight? 2021 Jan 15 13:34:35

Reaper: Gonna fortify the bunker brother xman, too many assholes roaming around looking for trouble. I never seek trouble, but I never run from it either... 2021 Jan 09 15:04:17

xman: What cha doin tonite Reap ? 2021 Jan 08 06:59:17

xman: And so it starts ! 2021 Jan 06 18:53:24

Reaper: OH Snap...the leader of the Proud Boys is a non-white? How are ya'll 'splaining dat one to the troops, LMAO? 2021 Jan 05 13:50:50

Reaper: These next few days have the potential to change the world as we know it, are we a Democracy, or an Autocracy, we will find out. 2021 Jan 04 16:46:55

Reaper: Happy New Year to one and all, hoping that you all survive this damn pandemic and have the best years of your lives ahead! 2020 Dec 31 23:11:23

xman: As soon as work is over today the party begins ! ! ! 2020 Dec 31 06:52:55

Reaper: Let's go downtown bro, drink ice cold beer right through the mask, LOL, and see if we can start a trend, LMAO! 2020 Dec 28 17:07:29

xman: Downtown ought to be wild this Turusday nite ... 2020 Dec 28 06:22:06

Reaper: Merry Christmas everyone! Do a Google search, or YouTube search for Democrats OR Republicans saying Merry Christmas, and you will see that we ALL say Merry Christmas. It's always been a GOP lie to say that Dems won't say it. WE DO, and always have! 2020 Dec 27 17:20:41

xman: Merry Christmas !   THERE, I said it, PC or not, therre yah go ! 2020 Dec 25 06:58:30

xman: Cold outside and hot coffee inside ... It don't git no better ! 2020 Dec 24 07:34:53

Reaper: We NEED coffee bro, my head hasn't seen the pillow since Thursday night, and I still have a ton of shit to do today, so no time now for sleeping, need coffee NOW! 2020 Dec 19 12:22:53

xman: Pass tha coffee pot bro ... 2020 Dec 19 05:58:08

Reaper: Hell yeah brother, I need me some cold beer and xtra loud music! Saddle up, let's go! 2020 Dec 18 11:08:05

xman: Wanna go downtown with me ? 2020 Dec 18 07:08:08

xman: What cha doin tonite Reap ?  2020 Dec 18 07:07:56

Reaper: No one is ABOVE the law, not Biden, not Trump, and not any of these hate filled groups trying to tear the fabric of America apart, no matter from which side of the political spectrum. 2020 Dec 14 13:03:06

Reaper: I see that the DOJ is moving forward rapidly with their federal investigation of Hunter Biden, which is exactly what should happen IF there is was probable cause to launch the investigation, just as there was for Trump accepting help from Russia in 2016. 2020 Dec 14 13:01:36

xman: I appreciate that. 2020 Dec 14 06:33:54

Reaper: Your opinions are valued here, my brother xman, thanks for sharing them, I am not afraid to learn from others, too bad that other forum fears the truth or to try to disprove what I know to be truth... 2020 Dec 13 14:58:55

Reaper: I do not fear the words spoken against my views, I fear that we are nearing the day when we discontinue discourse and the air is filled with bullets instead of words. I respect everyone's opinions, xman, especially those who will openly debate our world. 2020 Dec 13 14:56:50

xman: And I appreciate the latitude here. 2020 Dec 11 06:34:41

Quotebut members HERE can speak their mind about Biden or Trump.
There are always the extreme when it comes to politics.
2020 Dec 11 06:33:11

Reaper: Personally, I think that Biden will step down on his own if he feels that his health endangers the nation. If his mental health suffers the way that Trumps has these past 4 years, the Dems will consider the 25th Ammendment, unlike the GOP. 2020 Dec 10 17:59:35

Reaper: Go right ahead and start a betting pool, xman, in this forum, we honor the right to have differing political views and opinions. We try our best to censor bots and such, but members HERE can speak their mind about Biden or Trump. 2020 Dec 10 17:55:27

xman: Uhhh, panties .... 2020 Dec 10 06:50:44

xman: AOC and the Squad are peein in their pants they are so happy ! 2020 Dec 10 06:50:28

xman: Can we start a betting pool on how long it takes the extreme left to shitcan Joey and put Kamala in the cat birds seat ? 2020 Dec 10 06:49:55

Reaper: Looney Tunes Trump isn't gonna be happy with just burning down the White House and the election before he leaves, he is bound and determined to bring the whole country down with him...SAD. 2020 Dec 09 17:40:03

Reaper: One of the funniest tv commercials they ever made, imho... 2020 Dec 07 16:26:53

xman: "The Whale" wins again ....  ;D 2020 Dec 06 07:18:16

Reaper: I go all in... 2020 Dec 05 20:10:52

xman: job well done ! 2020 Dec 04 06:32:11

Farrider: I changed the spam matrix, has to be done every now and then or they pass around the key. 2020 Dec 03 12:05:08

Reaper: They're persistent little bastards, so I might have to unleash Donald Trump on them on Twitter... 2020 Dec 02 20:35:30

xman: THAT ought to stop um ...  lol 2020 Dec 02 06:51:51

Reaper: Let's see if closing the door keeps them out for a while... ;) 2020 Dec 01 13:49:56

Reaper: Thanks xman, your help is always appreciated! I will speak with the admin administrator, LOL, and see if we can give you a broom. In the interim, if I did it right, I stopped new registration for members... 2020 Dec 01 13:47:46

xman: lmao, the report to moderator is not working, keeps telling me to try again later .... mishap in aisle 5 again ! 2020 Dec 01 05:53:11

xman: In the meantime I hope no one is cliking the links .... 2020 Nov 29 06:12:16

xman: Ask tha boss to allow me access and I will be glad to help with the chores 2020 Nov 29 06:11:29

Reaper: I burned through 3 mops already! We gonna need a water truck! 2020 Nov 28 10:28:58

xman: Aisle 5 takin a beatin lately ! 2020 Nov 28 05:34:54

Reaper: I won't be even a liddle' bit surprised if Cheeto Boy signs an executive order changing the name from "Black Friday" to "White Friday"...just because Trump 2020 Nov 27 13:52:57

xman: As bookeepers only see two colors, (red and black) guessin green friday was out of the question ... 2020 Nov 27 06:45:48

Reaper: I notice that the most favorite shopping day of the most racist among us is one that is historically called "Black Friday"...how ironic is that?  :o 2020 Nov 26 18:05:29

Reaper: Happy Thanksgiving to turkeys of all colors, even the ones with the red necks! ;D 2020 Nov 26 18:02:13

xman: Happy Turkey Day all you turkeys ! 2020 Nov 26 07:07:48

xman: Big spill aisle 5 ! 2020 Nov 26 07:07:14

xman: Rudabaaayyyy, Rudabaaayyyy   1:10 on video 2020 Nov 25 07:50:55

Reaper: We gonna need a water truck... :o 2020 Nov 24 23:16:47

Reaper: Clean up in Aisle 5...mission accomplished. 2020 Nov 24 19:41:46

Reaper: I am home... 2020 Nov 22 15:49:20

xman: go all in or go home ! 2020 Nov 21 09:15:03

Reaper: "I'm small, but everybody calls me whale...cause I'm big boy in the casino!"   "I go all in!" 2020 Nov 20 12:10:31

Reaper: A KapperDog drive by, LOL, he shows up here, but won't take the time to answer a text message sent to him, LMAO! Are you in hiding bro? 2020 Nov 20 12:05:40

xman: Save tha whales and hug an eggplant ! 2020 Nov 20 06:33:18

KapperDog: Don't let the jungle bunnies in... they'll eat the eggplants. 2020 Nov 19 15:07:52

Reaper: OK...which "kind" wouldst thou be speaking of then? 2020 Nov 19 14:02:47

xman: Nope, I did not mean people of color, much less one color over another, I meant THEM KIND ! 2020 Nov 19 07:03:42

Reaper: If we don't all learn to get along, then as the divide grows greater, we will undoubtably witness civil war in this country again, as the hatred is palpable... 2020 Nov 18 14:43:22

Reaper: She said that my Mom was a white skinned red haired woman who they thought must be Irish, and that my Dad was either a big,light skinned black man, or a Filipino, so either way, that makes me a person of mixed race, and I am not ashamed of it. 2020 Nov 18 14:40:11

Reaper: I don't remember my real father or mother, since shortly after birth I was abandoned at the emrgency room door of a local hospital, and never knew that until the age of 55, however the woman who raised me described my parent to me... 2020 Nov 18 14:37:03

Reaper: Well no...I cannot see into your heart, friend, but IF by "them kind" you mean people of color, then I feel sorry for you not being able to accept that all men are created equal, and that we are all one race, the HUMAN race. 2020 Nov 18 14:34:36

xman: You know .... "them kind" ! 2020 Nov 18 07:31:45

Reaper: What do you mean by "them kind"? If it's rioters and looters, we're on the same page. 2020 Nov 16 23:12:29

Reaper: At every peaceful protest that turned violent, there was at least one or more instance of the fire being started by a white supremecist, and there were plenty of other fires started by non whites, but the whites sure did not help matters. 2020 Nov 16 22:47:54

Reaper: Watch and learn mon frere', the new Attorney General WILL make sure that those rioters that burn, loot, riot, and endanger the general safety will be prosecuted under Biden. Peaceful protestors will NOT, and they shouldn't be arrested or gassed. 2020 Nov 16 22:43:58

xman: I for one do not want them kind in my neighborhood ... jus sayin 2020 Nov 16 06:28:33

xman: How many Trump rallys/protest have turned into lawlessness ~rioting/looting/burning/destroying others proterties ? 2020 Nov 16 06:28:13

xman: "arrest and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law"  "crimes such as looting and burning" He cannot, THAT is his constituency ! 2020 Nov 16 06:27:03

Reaper: Biden is a conservative minded Democrat, as most of us are, and I KNOW he really means it when he says he wants to heal the nation. We will learn to live together as brothers and sisters, or fall as a nation... 2020 Nov 15 13:34:42

Reaper: I'm praying that President Biden follows the path he has always been on, that we arrest and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those among us who commit crimes such as looting and burning, but also follows through with police reform. 2020 Nov 15 13:30:27

xman: "we all need to learn to live together in peace and harmony" I could not agree more, try explaining that to the other world factions, (domestic and foreign), who are Hell bent on destroying the USA 2020 Nov 15 07:24:33

Reaper: Regarding the election, I think that Biden won fair and square, in spite of all the things the GOP did to suppress the African American vote. The demographics are changing bro, and we all need to learn to live together in peace and harmony. 2020 Nov 14 22:30:32

Reaper: I want a full bipartisan investigation into everything that Hunter Biden did or did not do in all of this mess, and just who all was involved. I don't think Barr was fair and equal in anything he did, so hopefully the next guy will know how to do it. 2020 Nov 14 22:25:47